We believe that digitalising our services and promoting knowledge-sharing together with the emerging landscape of digitalised maritime operations adds value to our client’s business. Our digital offerings not only improve operational efficiency for our clients, but also promote data-driven decision making, making us a trusted advisor in your journey towards a more data-driven future.

We aim at enhancing the service level for clients in an industry facing enormous transitions. Our brokers are on the forefront of the developments in the shipping industry, and we see the benefits of helping shipping transforming ways of doing business through digitalisation. We are flexible, innovative and data-driven and ready to guide our clients towards becoming the same. That is why we provide value-adding digital services for our clients within all segments of shipping.

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Digital platform

MB Shipbrokers digital platform hosts all of our digital offerings.

Enter the platform today and access a suit of digital products and services, which transform shipbroking services for a digital future.


MB Shipbrokers Insights

MB Shipbrokers Insights provides shipping investors and shipping professionals with leading shipping data on the asset markets and a sophisticated valuation model based on the latest transactional data, vessels characteristics and earnings from our valuable network of brokers.

The model is supported by our strong foundation of data from actual transactions. The product is subscription-based and provides access to four key digital models that improve price assessment and enhance decision making.

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CII Benchmarking

The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Benchmark Service is a unique tool that automates calculation and benchmarking of CII and AER scores for entire fleets. The tool provides ship owners with insights on their environmental performance and assesses vessel-and fleet-specific benchmarks.

From 2023, CII calculations will be mandatory for ship owners. Our CII Benchmark Service measures the CO2 emitted by a vessel, a huge step towards complying with IMO regulations and in driving the green transition.

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With our valuation platform you can manage valuation operations efficiently and securely. With just a few clicks, historical valuation certificates can be located, customised fleets can be built for analysis, and valuation requests are easily managed through a request module.

All features are available on the same platform to ensure an easy overview of the whole valuation process. We are continuously adding new features to meet the rapid change in the digital landscape across the shipping value chain.

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