MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services & Azolla

MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services and Azolla collaborate to drive shipping decarbonisation.

On its path towards decarbonisation, the shipping industry faces a wide array of overlapping uncertainties across technology, future fuels, regulations, and global standards. At the same time, there is growing pressure from various stakeholders to increase momentum. While this drives complexity, uncertainty, and costs, it also introduces significant opportunities for performance improvements and, therefore, reductions in emissions and costs.

MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services and Azolla have entered a strategic decarbonisation collaboration to assist ship owners, operators, and charterers in understanding how this impacts their day-to-day business and what can be done now and, in the future, to realize the opportunities this transition brings.


Energy efficiency retrofits can be done here and now.

Overcoming the technical, commercial, and regulatory barriers to decarbonise the shipping industry is a vast and complex challenge that will take decades. Regulations and policies need to expand and become more effective. Alternative fuel pathways need to be fully enabled at scale. Ships need to become more efficient. And so on.

Deploying readily available energy saving devices will be the most significant enabler of performance enhancements and emission reductions this decade. These affordable technologies have attractive payback times and help generate immediate bunker and EU ETS savings and significant CO2 emission reductions.


Helping to improve performance and reduce emissions.

To assist owners, operators, and charterers improve performance and reduce emissions across their fleets, MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services and Azolla are now introducing a turnkey solution covering the full scope of technical, commercial and implementation considerations relevant to energy saving device retrofits.

Our fully bespoke consultancy offer helps clients understand which energy saving devices are relevant for their vessels, their commercial and investment implications, and how they can be implemented.

To drive implementation, we offer solution design, project management, green financing, eco-valuations, and the full suite of related broker activities that may become relevant as decisions on what to do with vessels are made.


Our complementary technology and commercial capabilities and our overlapping network of industry connections and geographical locations make MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services and Azolla uniquely placed to help clients make sense of the technological and regulatory dilemmas they are facing and what to do about them. We present viable options, help drive the right decisions and implement choices.
- Kiran Shet, Head of Azolla.

Our work with clients shows significant potential for savings and emission reductions.

Over the past year, we have worked with owners, operators, and charterers alike to advise on the performance improvement and savings potential of more than 60 vessels. Nearly all the vessels we have reviewed have come out with the potential to reduce per steaming day costs of 3,000 – 6,000 USD driven by a combination of:

  • Bunker and EU ETS savings
  • CO2 emission reductions
  • Improved CII ratings

“The vessels we have reviewed so far typically require 1-2 USD Million of investment that pay back over 1-2 years on the back of generating 1-2 USD Million of annual bunker and EU ETS savings. At the same time, the per vessel CO2 emission reduction potential is often in the range of 2,000 – 8,000 tons a year, sometimes even more”.
- Olof Klintholm, Head of Energy Transition, MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services.

For further information please contact:

Olof Klintholm,
MB Shipbrokers Advisory Services
+45 31 23 86 83
Email: okl@mbshipbrokers.com
Web: www.mbshipbrokers.com


Kiran Shet,
Azolla Pte.Ltd
+91 88 79 62 14 45
Email: kiran@azolla.sg
Web: www.azolla.sg/


About MB Shipbrokers
MB Shipbrokers K/S is a leading shipbroker with global coverage of all segments and an advisory service department that, amongst other things, focuses on research, analytics and decarbonisation. With 250 brokers and staff in 14 countries, MB Shipbrokers has an extensive network of clients and connections across the shipping industry.


About Azolla
Azolla Pte.Ltd is a maritime engineering and project management company within the Synergy Marine Group, a leading ship management company with 22 offices in 12 countries providing expertly tailored ship management. Azolla Pte.Ltd has done 50 + ESD installations, 100+ Scrubber installations, 17 + propeller installations and 50+ BWTS installations.