How to apply

Our recruitment process begins with applying via “Current job openings” and may be followed by online assignments and interviews if there is a match for a job. If you have any questions related to current job openings, the application process or experience technical malfunctions when submitting your application please contact our Human Resources team via

Our recruitment process

At MB Shipbrokers, the recruitment process starts when you have submitted your CV and application/motivational cover letter online. We enjoy reading a motivational cover letter that shows your specific interest in MB Shipbrokers.

If there is a good match between your background and a job in question, compared with the pool of candidates, you will be invited to complete two brief online assignments: a personal profile analysis and a logical assessment.

Based on your uploaded documents, the assignments and compared with the remaining candidates, we will determine whether you will be shortlisted to proceed with interviews.

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If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a first interview which will be conducted by Human Resources. The purpose of this first interview is to provide us an impression of you as a person and refers to the position and your professional skills to a limited extent. The interview will focus on your personal skills, your capabilities as well as your level of motivation. At this interview you will be asked to conduct another logical assessment in person and you will receive feedback on the already completed assignments. In some cases, the hiring Manager will join the first interview to meet you.

Within 14 days following on from the first round of interviews the shortlisted candidates will be invited for a second interview. All other candidates will receive a written rejection. The second interview will primarily be conducted by the hiring Manager and in some cases also a colleague from the team in question will join. This session will go into detail about your professional- and educational background as well as your expectations for the position and the future.

The duration of a recruitment process is usually 4 to 6 weeks.