We are your guide to the right shipyard worldwide. Navigating the global newbuilding market can be challenging as it requires careful assessment of many available options in an environment with fast-changing technologies. Our presence in the major newbuilding centres helps our clients to find the best possible newbuilding opportunities.   

How we work

Our team of experienced brokers will guide you through the Newbuilding process, from identifying opportunities and clarifying the risks and challenges involved. We are present in the major newbuilding centres located in China, South Korea and Japan. Additionally, our personal contacts at yards worldwide enable us to provide you with valuable local market intelligence, news of emerging trends and informed opinions.  

We like to take an active part throughout the newbuilding process, providing input during the pre-project research phase, helping you assess options from a technical, financial and commercial perspective, assisting with negotiations and ensuring a successful delivery from the yard. Acting as mediators we can help you resolve any challenges that might arise along the way.  

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