Our services

We are a modern shipping company helping clients from the whole world. We offer a wide range of shipbroking services to help you solve your problems and grow your business. Our experience goes all the way back to 1914 when we were founded, but our approach is innovative and creative.

We continue to develop and adapt to changes in a fast-growing industry – e.g. by contributing to digitalise the maritime industry. Thus, our services include various digital services. Furthermore, we offer services within Shipbroking, Research, Advisory Services and Valuations – including Chartering, Sale & Purchase and Newbuildings. You can read more about our different areas of business below.



We have more than a century of experience within shipbroking, and our services cover all sizes and segments, as well as advanced economic solutions. We are truly dedicated and always have a creative approach to solving your problems – making a difference to your business.

Our shipping activities cover all major segments within the industry: Dry Bulk, Offshore, Tanker, LNG/LPG and Container, and we provide Newbuilding, Sale & Purchase and Chartering services. We are the shipbrokers you can trust.

advisory services

Advisory Services

Within MB Shipbrokers, we have a maritime boutique-style consulting business called Advisory Services. This team offers customised and innovative solutions within consultancy and capital to help you expand current projects or discover new ones.

Our solutions are based on business sense and quantitative and qualitative analysis lead by senior executives who have more than 25 years’ experience. Below here, you can read about our different Advisory Services.


Valuation Services

We offer to valuate physical assets within all major shipping segments. When valuating a vessel we do not just look at the replacement value; we also use our large database to compare with previous deals for comparable vessels. 

We offer you access to our digital Valuation Platform to handle your valuation operations securely and efficiently. If you want us to help you, you can choose between volume agreements or ad hoc requests customised to your needs.



In our Research department we use our long experience and thorough knowledge about the shipping industry to provide you with updated market data. This way, you will be able to make business decisions based on detailed analysis and insight into future trends within shipping.

Based on our knowledge, analysis and macroeconomic trends, our team gathers relevant data in reports. This data we translate into meaningful forecasts and assessments to offer valuable propositions for your specific business.