Sale & Purchase

We are your preferred Sale & Purchase advisor. Throughout our history, we have developed a substantial portfolio of ship owners representing buyers and sellers for all types of tonnage in the various markets. 

How we work

We help you to successfully sell and buy ships, from container vessels and bulk carriers to tankers, chemical and specialised tankers, LNG and LPG carriers, and offshore vessels. Our brokers guide you through the whole process of sale and purchase. Long and well-established relationships have made us the preferred broker in standard sale and purchase transactions but also in more complex sale/lease back projects. 

Our S&P brokers are trained in legal assistance and dispute resolution to ensure the best support throughout the process for our clients. We also have lots of experience with green recycling and provide a one-stop demolition service, from the negotiation process over selection of a yard to supervision and the final voyage. 

Our highlights  

  • Experienced sale & purchase shipbrokers in our offices in all the shipping hubs across the globe  
  • Handled exclusive bank sales in all three major segments  
  • Concluded numerous second-hand transactions in the last decades  
  • Well-positioned in the offshore market with numerous second-hand deals in the last decade