We are your trusted and experienced partner in the chartering market. With a presence in most major shipping centres, our brokers work closely with key decision-makers around the globe. They have access to local trends, news and transactions and are equipped with strong negotiation skills.

Providing our clients with instant knowledge and long-term forecasts is what we do best. We hold the latest information and market data for transactions in the dry cargo-, container-, tanker- and LNG/LPG markets. Our experience in concluding voyage charters, time charters, period charter parties as well as industrial contracts makes us your trusted and experienced partner.


Container Chartering

Based on our big experience with the container market, we offer high-quality container vessel brokerage to our clients. 


Tanker Chartering

We arrange transport for all big trade routes around the world and negotiate the best possible deals for our clients.


Dry Bulk Chartering

We help our clients employ vessels and charter bulk carriers, and we guide you on how to charter carriers for longer periods.


Chemical & Specialised Chartering

Broking in the specialised tanker industry is hard. Therefore, we use our experience and network to help you get the best deals. 


LNG/LPG Chartering

We help you reduce carbon discharge in your vessel operations – covering everything from big gas carriers to smaller vessels.